2020 CEO Letter

Dear Clients and Friends,

2019 Was a Record Year – I am happy to report that Anchor Capital is in excellent condition. Bucking the trend that many other value managers have experienced, firm assets under management and advisement reached a new all-time high of $9.5 billion at the end of 2019. We were pleased to be able to deliver what we view as highly competitive investment performance for clients.

We are Investing in the Future – Anchor continues to invest, to ensure that we remain at the forefront of active investment management. This was the first year in our new offices in International Place, the hub of financial activity in Boston. We added new members to the team this year including a controller, there were several key promotions including Chief Investment Officer, Director of Sales and Marketing, Director of Operations, and we are continuing to add to the investment team.

Growth Initiatives and New Strategies – Anchor is an investment management boutique, focused solely on value investing. We offer an array of value strategies, the largest of which are Mid Cap Value, Balanced Value, and All Cap Value. We also offer strategies that some clients might not be aware of, including Dividend Income Value, Small Cap Value, and Founders Value. Anchor has a robust offering of value investing options to meet a wide array of investors’ objectives.

Our Independence Provides Additional Incentive for Us to Perform – In April of 2018 the management team of Anchor engineered the buyout of the firm from its previous parent, and the team at Anchor now owns 70% of the firm, with control over the management and governance of the company. Ownership and alignment is critical to attracting, retaining, and motivating talented employees. Our independence and ownership is one of Anchor’s key differentiators.

Nurturing our Unique CultureAnchor has a strong and unique culture: one that is client-centric and which rewards teamwork and results. We have a history of very low employee turnover, and in fact, many employees who have left have later rejoined the firm. Anchor is extremely supportive of educating and training employees, supporting graduate studies and certifications such as CFA and CFP. Anchor provides career paths across departments, and promotes from within whenever possible.

The Framework of the Anchor Brand – Anchor has been serving clients since 1983 (making this our 37th year) and we will continue to provide a high level of client service and will work diligently to protect and grow our clients’ assets. When we benchmark our performance against other value managers, we compare favorably over long time frames and across strategies. We continue to build on our strong reputation, positioning us to further grow our assets and enhance our ability to attract talent.

Thank You – We are thankful to our clients for the trust you place in us. The team at Anchor works tirelessly to deliver a high level of performance and service, and we aspire to exceed your expectations. As we enter 2020, we strive to continue delivering our mission to help clients achieve financial security by protecting and growing their assets over the long-term.


William P. Rice Jr.
Chief Executive Officer