Anchor Appoints New Director of Research

Anchor Capital Advisors Appoints New Director of Research

Former Anchor Equity Analyst, Stephanie K. Moroney, rejoins firm to drive thorough leadership in the firm’s research processes.

Boston, MA – October 16, 2023 –Anchor Capital Advisors, LLC, a $7.4 billion* RIA based in Boston, Massachusetts, appointed Stephanie K. Moroney as Director of Research. Ms. Moroney was an Equity Analyst at Anchor earlier in her career.

Ms. Moroney will be responsible for monitoring and ensuring that all aspects of the research process strictly adhere to the firm’s well-established value heritage.  This includes investment team workflow coordination, as well as oversight for all research analysts. She will ensure all strategic decisions reached by the risk committee are properly conveyed to and consistently implemented by the broader investment team. Ms. Moroney will also participate on the Anchor Capital Risk Committee.

“Ms. Moroney’s years of mid-cap value investing experience, track record of academic excellence, familiarity with Anchor Capital’s investment philosophy, and process-oriented approach to evaluating stocks, make her the ideal candidate to immediately make a positive impact as Anchor Capital’s Director of Research,” said Jennifer K. DeSisto, Chief Investment Officer of Anchor Capital Advisors. “Our prior experience with Ms. Moroney’s work ethic, attention to detail, process orientation, and ability to drive more thorough leadership to the team’s research process work gives us great confidence in her abilities, and the team is excited to have her return to Anchor Capital.”

Ms. Moroney began her career at Boston Private Financial Holdings, entering their rotational development program, which included a stint at Anchor Capital. Upon completing the program, she joined Anchor in 2015 as a full-time investment analyst supporting the Small and Mid-Cap Value Strategy teams. Following business school, Ms. Moroney joined Brown Brothers – 1818 Partners as a small/mid-cap equity analyst. Ms. Moroney earned her MBA in the Value Investing Program at Columbia Business School where she won the prestigious Heilbrunn Center for Graham and Dodd Investing Fellowship award. She earned a B.A. from Middlebury College.

Ms. Moroney’s appointment is a key component of Anchor’s strategic growth plan. Her highest priorities include refining and overseeing the process and structure for vetting new stocks and sectors to research and working with the CIO to assign research across Anchor’s team of analysts. Ms. Moroney will also manage the workflow for the Investment and Risk committees and be responsible for the adherence of portfolio and risk management characteristics across all strategies.


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