Disaster Recovery

Anchor has a Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity plan which has been developed for the purpose of ensuring the safety of associates and the company’s ability to provide clients with information and services in the event of any emergency. They include replication of data to multiple servers, both on-site and in two remote locations in Pennsylvania & Utah, emergency contact systems and continuous monitoring by a fully-staffed Business Continuity Provider. The primary location's building management has procedures in place such as sprinklers, alarms, emergency cutoff etc. to safeguard the building from emergencies. Anchor Capital has additional safeguards in place, such as battery backups, flood pans, etc. to protect company-owned equipment. In addition, disaster recovery for critical technology and/or business functions are in place to provide communication with employees & redundancy for mission critical operations. These include laptops provided to key personnel providing access to e-mail & allowing them to work remotely.