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Anchor offers five disciplined value strategies for managed account investors.

Since 1988, Anchor has established a presence on some of the industry’s most respected managed account (MA) platforms. Our value strategies offer options for clients who seek downside protection without sacrificing growth potential.




- AS OF 12/31/2022 -

Today, SMAs are a trillion-dollar industry. The popularity is easy to explain. Unlike mutual funds, investors can see full details of every security in the portfolio. There are no inherited capital gains, which means no surprises at tax time.

*Source: Money Management Institute & Cerulli Associates | Advisory Solutions Quarterly - 4Q 2022


- AS OF 03/31/2023 -

More than 15,000 accounts are entrusted to Anchor’s discipline and attention to detail.

**Number derived via a compilation of downloads from participating Sponsors.

Anchor knows managed accounts


Anchor's experience in the managed account industry dates back to 1988.


Our systems are easy to integrate with our sponsors’ investment infrastructure.


Anchor’s managed account team takes pride in its attentive service to both FAs in the field and their home office.


Across the U.S. 15,000+ accounts with more than $6 billion in assets are managed to Anchor value strategies.**

A full menu of protect
and grow

All Cap Value

Brings Anchor’s value discipline to the broad equity market

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Balanced Value

An asset-allocated portfolio that can serve as the core of a global solution

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Mid Cap Value

Finds opportunities in emerging niches of the economy

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Small Cap Value

Focus on undervalued companies that pay dividends

Dividend Income Value

Provides current income from equity dividends while seeking superior total returns

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“We’ve leveraged our valuation expertise to create new strategies—in response to today’s persistently low interest-rate environments.”

Michael K. Serchen, CFP, CIMC
Regional Director, Metro Central