We Know the Ropes

Anchor’s rigorous process is designed to lower volatility while seeking long-term growth.

Helping institutions keep their promises since 1983

Anchor’s Institutional Accounts division has 40 years of experience working with institutional programs. We offer eight distinct value-focused strategies that are designed to play specific roles in a total portfolio solution.

Our watchword is “no surprises.” This applies first to the lower relative volatility and downside protection that are the expected outcomes of our disciplined process. We also strive for full transparency: Clients can fully access information about their assets—in regular quarterly meetings and on an as-needed basis.

Your mission, first and foremost

Public & Multi-Employer Funds

Keep promises to public and union employees; ensure public institutions’ solvency; minimize burden on taxpayers

Asset allocation policy may be risk-averse; sensitive to downside events

Corporate Pensions

Keep promises to employees while managing pension expense and funding risk

Sensitive to equity market volatility since 2008; avoid consequences of underfunding imposed by PPA


Maintain educational/cultural mission — often major construction projects; support efforts for public good

Asset allocation for endowments may be more risk-tolerant; the focus of private foundations is adjusting to increased risk needed to meet the 5% annual spending hurdle


Intermediary for all client types above: Fulfills “prudent expert” role for them

Key is predictable results while maintaining transparency, excellent communication — including detailed analytics

Institutional strategies

All Cap Value

Brings Anchor’s value discipline to the broad equity market

Small Cap Value

Focus on undervalued companies that pay dividends

Mid Cap Value

Finds opportunities in emerging niches of the economy

Dividend Income Value

Provides current income from equity dividends while seeking superior total returns

Balanced Value

An asset-allocated portfolio that can serve as the core of a global solution

Value Opportunities

Core strategy with broad capitalization exposure

Core Principles


We believe history shows that disciplined value investing outperforms over time with relatively low risk.


Our deep focus on individual securities is designed for downside protection and relatively low correlation to peers.


Anchor strategies play a defined role: seeking to mitigate bear-market losses and achieve competitive growth over a full cycle.


Our teams are stable. We hire talented investors who are dedicated to your success.

We understand our role. You know what you expect.

“We listen carefully to learn each client’s mission, policies, preferences, and goals. We also explain our process in great detail and follow up with fully transparent reports on progress.”

George N. Whitmore
Head of Business Development and Client Relations