Investment Strategies

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Anchor Strategy Best Fit Scenario Market Cap Range
(at purchase)
All Cap Value Core strategy with primary exposure to large and mid capitalization companies $1 billion and above Russell 1000 Value
Balanced Value Core strategy with broad capitalization exposure plus fixed income $1 billion and above 60/30/10 [1]
Mid Cap Value Mid cap value equity allocation Dynamic [2] Russell Mid Cap Value
Small Cap Value Small cap value equity allocation $500 million - $2 billion Russell 2000 Value
Dividend Income Value Diversified Portfolio which places a premium on dividend paying companies and their defensive characteristics $1 billion and above Russell 3000 Value
Value Opportunities Core strategy with broad capitalization exposure $150 million and above Russell 3000 Value

* Total assets include assets under management and assets under advisement. Assets are advisement to represent non-discretionary/UMA assets.
[1] 60% Russell 1000 Value / 30% Bloomberg Barclays Intermediate Government Credit / 10% Citi Group 90 Day T-Bill

 [2] Effective 6/30/2022 the Mid Cap Value market cap range was updated to best reflect the portfolios objectives. Moving forward it the market cap range will reflect that of the Russell Mid Cap Value Index market cap range.

Anchor strategies can also be tailored to meet the specific needs of both taxable and non-taxable investors.

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