A legacy of value and expertise

Celebrating 40 years

A Tradition of value
since 1983


Anchor Capital Advisors was founded with a mission to protect and grow the capital to which we’ve been entrusted through our value approach to investment management. Since inception, we’ve remained committed to providing downside protection while helping our clients to build successful financial futures.

Our Story

Founder and Executive Chairman, William P. Rice, Sr., started Anchor as a value-oriented investment firm providing professional investment management and wealth planning services to individuals, families, foundations, non-profit organizations, public funds, corporate plans, and union pension and profit-sharing plans.

Our leadership has established and fostered a culture focused on a conservative, long-term mindset that strives to do right by our clients. As trusted fiduciaries, we always make decisions aligned with our clients’ best interests, helping them meet their objectives in the face of constantly changing economic conditions. As an independently owned organization, stability is one of our core values, and we manifest that through the quality of our team, our investment philosophy and process, and the consistency with which we hold to our values in the face of all market conditions.

Our passionate, committed people are the most valuable asset that we have.  The combined life and professional experiences, knowledge, inventiveness, innovation, capabilities, and talent that our employees invest in their work represent a significant part of not only our culture, but also of our reputation.

A History of Innovation


Anchor's Founding

Anchor begins with a commitment to finding fundamental value and hiring experienced talent.


Global Diversification

Anchor’s innovative sub-advisory arrangement with Dean Witter gave more investors access to specialized portfolio management.


Mid-cap Pioneer

We were one of the early investment managers to create a dedicated strategy managing mid-cap value stocks.


Anchor Acquisition

Boston Private Financial Holdings acquired a majority ownership
interest in Anchor.


Dividend Income Value Strategy

Started Dividend Income Value strategy to address the need for clients who are seeking equity-oriented income.


Anchor Reacquires Independence

Anchor reacquires majority ownership interest in a management buy-out from Boston Private Financial Holdings. Lincoln Peak Capital holds a passive minority stake in the firm.